Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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250 evacuated as Volcano of Hearth erupts in Guatemala


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GUATEMALA CITY — About 250 residents have been evacuated Thursday from the slopes of Guatemala’s Volcano of Hearth as red-hot rock and ash flowed down the slopes towards an space devastated by a deadly 2018 eruption.

Firefighters stated residents of the hamlet of Panimache have been taken to shelters.

Guatemala’s catastrophe company stated the volcano had been emitting ash clouds that would have an effect on as many as 100,000 folks in communities across the peak.

The largest hazard from the volcano are lahars, a combination of ash, rock, mud and particles, that may bury whole cities.

The catastrophe company stated that such lahars have been flowing down 4 of the seven gullies on the volcano’s flanks.


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